[Ask the Principal] ChatGPT Writes a Thesis, the Best Use of AI Tools in Academic Writing! / Yicheng Cai, New Thinking International 【有事問校長】ChatGPT 寫論文,AI 工具在學術寫作上的最佳應用!《新思惟國際》/ 蔡依橙

Currently, ChatGPT has many fancy applications, but I personally think that some applications require researchers to have a higher level of discrimination, so that nothing goes wrong. Therefore, what I’m going to talk about next is the safest way that everyone can use: language editing. The following are many examples, some of which are actual application screens. You can pause or take screenshots to see how I interact with #ChatGPT to help me do things. 0:00 Preface 0:30 Initial draft in Chinese and English → Full English text 1:35 Voice input instructions 2:00 Captions, subtitles, and cover letters are all possible 2:43 After minor revisions, ask ChatGPT to review 3:18 In other words, reduce similarity 4:04 Reply to review comments 5:13 Summary(Translation from Google Gemini)

目前 ChatGPT 有很多種花式應用,但我個人認為有一些應用需要研究者本身有比較高的鑑別度,才不會出事。所以,我接下來要講的是每一個人都可以用,而且最安全的用法:語言編修。 以下會舉很多的實例,有一些我實際應用的畫面,各位可以暫停或截圖下來看,參考我是用怎樣的互動方式,請 #ChatGPT 幫我做事。 0:00 前言 0:30 中英文初稿→英文全文 1:35 語音輸入指令 2:00 圖說、下標題、Cover Letter 都可以 2:43 小修小補之後請 ChatGPT 看 3:18 換句話說降低相似性 4:04 回覆審閱意見 5:13 總結